<< Blueprint for the Restoration of America

• Mission We exist to further the beautiful experiment of América, helping to hold the core of American culture together and advancing selfless public servants working to do the same.

• Homeland We push for the smallest possible, debt-free federal government supported by the smallest taxpayer burden possible.

• Overseas We must aggressively confront evil using force as the absolute last resort, lead our allies, and do so by maintaining significant worldwide military supremacy

• Eternal truths In God we trust; His truths we’ll exalt. We acknowledge that all inocent life is supremely valuable, and that marriage is for one man and one woman for life and should be encouraged and protected.>>

  • Raised money: $5,837,677.12
  • Money to support candidates: $ 3 076 292.755
  • Money against candidates: $ 559 875

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