<< Over our decade-plus of activism, DFA has consistently been on the front lines of our nation’s most prominent political and ideological battles. >>

  • Raised money: $1,094,431.00
  • Money to support candidates: $ 23,550
  • Money against candidates: $ 121,888

<< We make progressive change happen using our time-tested election-member-issue organizing model:

WIN ELECTIONS: We recruit and train progressive candidates to run for office and win at every level of government, in general elections and in contested primaries against corporate Democrats. Our electoral organizing is firmly rooted in Gov. Dean’s “50 State Strategy” — we work hard to support progressive candidates and build progressive infrastructure in blue states, red states, and purple states (via Purple to Blue).

EMPOWER OUR MEMBERS: DFA is a member-driven organization focused on helping our members take meaningful, progressive political action on the local and national level. Our online and offline training programs give our members the tools they need to become stronger, more skilled activists — empowering them to be effective advocates for progressive policies, game-changing supporters of progressive candidates, and candidates for office themselves.

DRIVE THE CONVERSATION ON ISSUES: Through our issue campaigning nationally and locally, we put pressure on politicians and the media to put our country’s income inequality crisis at the center of the political debate, hear grassroots activists’ calls for populist progressive reforms, and robustly respond to injustice, however it emerges. >>